0-6 Figure Formula Seminar Videos

Day One - Session One

How To Create Life Long Die Hard Customers
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2:47 - Mafia Marketing

4:16 - 10 Ways to Build Your Die Hard Tribe

14:27 - Getting Naked With Your Audience

24:18 - Evolve and Create Products Around Your Evolution << work on this bullet
Simple Secret to Creating an Endless Stream of Products

28:16 - Giving your customers what they want
Getting your followers to ask for your next product

30:56 - How to Run Events with Your Top 10 Customers

34:40 - Owning Attention

35:20 - Take Aways and Action Steps

Day One - Session Two

Anatomy of a Million Dollar Continuity Offer
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07:40 - The secret to having true freedom

09:50 - How you can easily have $10K in the bank every month
The path to $10K a month

17:45 - Creating perceived value to keep your members coming back for more

20:22 - Positioning your product specifically to your niche market
How to get laser focused on positioning your product specifically to your….. (pick one of these 3 descriptions: ideal customer, target market or niche market)

24:50 - Pricing your program. Not only do I tell you how to price your program, but I also tell you how to increase your price every year

29:20 - Physical Products - The power of landing at your customer's front door.

35:39 - Creating continuity through upsells
Creating a coaching program that supports a product

38:56- Putting it all together in a simple, easy to use, set up for you and the user.

41:24 - Q&A - During the Q&A we dive deep into the benefits of offering free trials and best converting trial offers, creating physical products, and understanding proof of concept with your customers when it comes to digital vs. physical products.

Day One - Session Three

4 Day Cash Machine Formula For Internal Promotions
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00:23 - Internal Strategy for List Monetization
- Turning prospects into customers

1:09 - Email marketing strategy for windfall profits
- Affiliate marketing - How to strategically promote other products without compromising
your brand or burning your list out.
- Strategic Partnerships
- How to create a promotion calendar

07:03 - How to create no-brainer product promotions and sales
Vince explains how he puts together his biggest selling promotions to get people to buy

09:26 - Generate fresh testimonials from your promotions
Vince dives deep on how he uses customer comments and feedbacks with every promotion to use these testimonials as social proof and in your promotions
-Opportunity to keep putting social proof in front of your audience
- Gives your audience an opportunity to buy with tons of value
- Allows you to be perceived as a legitimate expert because you keep raising your price

12:41 - Using funnels to promote your products

Day One - Session Four

Scaling Your Business With Data Driven Marketing with Kory Basaraba
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04:09 - Overview of this session
Crash course in understanding marketing metrics
What data is important to track and what you can ignore
Best Free and Paid tracking tools
Common mistakes to avoid

08:55 The $105,000 Mistake
Making the connecting between data and money
Having no data costs you money every day

11:13 How data can make you rich
Data helps you make decisions

11:42 - Why data is the language of millionaires
The person with the best data wins

13:39 Why marketers suck at data

19:01 Understanding what questions you must answer to reach your goal
Data is not about technology, data is about asking questions, and figuring out what
questions you're trying to answer. This is the mindset that will bring you success

24:11 Six fundamental marketing questions you need to know to grow your business

27:45 Answers to the six fundamental marketing questions
The 3 categories of questions you need to know

28:23 Understanding how well your funnel is converting.
How to improve the performance of your funnel.

29:00 Improving funnel performance with small continual improvements

31:31 Conversion Tracking Simplified

34:00 Determining the accuracy of your data
Where is your data being collected from
Questioning your data in order to make decisions

37:43 How are your clicks performing
Clicks are anything that brings traffic to your site
Knowing where your best performing clicks are coming from is like stacking the deck with your best cards.

42:00 Having good data gives your control of your destiny
Having good data gives you sustainability
Having good data sets you apart from your competitors

45:00 Understanding which "click" data is bringing in revenue
CTR is not the end all, be all of click data
Understanding the value of a click over time

48:00 Simple Click Tracking
Understanding UTM's

51:00 How Valuable Are My Customers?
The more valuable you make your customers, the more money you can spend on marketing

58:27 Pixel Based Tracking vs. People Based Tracking
If you rely on pixel based tracking, you're losing data.
Don't make huge financial bets on data you got from pixels

Day One - Session Five

Simple Science of Split Testing To Increase Income
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00:30 Three Most Important Things You Need To Split Test
The biggest money movers you need to split test

01:30 Biggest decision factors you need to know

02:45 The Value of Split Testing

04:30 The dangerous downward spiral to your business of NOT Split Testing

04:54 What not to split test

06:54 Screaming Split-Tests

07:29 Split Testing a Winning Funnel
Determining The Winning Concept

Day One - Session Six

5 Advanced Facebook Ad Secrets with Rudy Mawer, MS
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02:08 - Overview of my 5 Facebook Ad Secrets

05:35 - Using Lead Forms With Facebook Ads To Capture Leads

Day Two - Session One

The Millionaire's Mindset
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0:15 - Millionaire Switch Trick
Getting clear on your new identity
Your core competency

01:41 - Turning Your DNA Into A Marketer

03:12 - Study Marketing 1 Hour a Day
Listen to Marketing Podcasts
Opt into lists - study funnels, emails, broadcasts, promotions, etc.

05:19 - Study The Marketplace
Reverse Engineer by studying winning marketing
Study the competition

08:04 - Power questions to ask other marketers

10:27 - How to Increase Your Celebrity Status and Increase Your Social Proof

12:10 - Become a Value Creator

16:00 - The Value Ladder
10 Year Value Ladder

17:56 - How to turn your DNA into a marketer

21:20 - Becoming a Mathematician To Reach Your Dollar Goals

22:17 - What's your critical number?
Once you determine what your critical number is, it will drive all of your decisions going forward.

25:57 - Play The Long Game

26:25 - Removing Stinkin' Thinking - aka Limiting Beliefs

32: 25- Scripting Your Perfect Day
Breaking your day up to get shit done
Creating a culture of performance in your life

Day Two - Session Two

Money Maker Step #1
Nailing Your Narrow Niche
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00:26 - What is Niche Marketing?

02:14 - Narrowing Down A Niche In A Big Market

08:36 - Quotable Quote
If you want to monetize, you have to polarize

11:00 - 3 Steps To Finding Your Niche

11:55 - What Are You Most Credible About

14:12 - Who Is Your Marketplace?
Getting clear on who your market place is

Day Two - Session Two

Building Your Personal Foundation with Luciano Del Monte
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01:41 - Handling resistance from friends and family about your passion

03:25 - Getting friends and family to believe in your passion and supporting your vision

05:12 - Luciano Del Monte on Building Your Personal Foundation

05:40 - What is Your Personal Foundation

07:12 - Die Empty

10:08 - Four Walls of a Safe House

Day Two - Session Three

Money Maker Step #2
Building Your Winning Offer
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Day Two - Session Four

Money Machine Step #3
Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets

How to Turn Your Fans, Followers and Subscribers Into Paying Customers
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01:23 - What is a Lead Magnet?
Goal is to make your lead magnet so valuable that your audience can't resist signing up to get it.

03:44 - 3 Keys to a Winning Lead Magnet

06:47 - What are your audience's pain point?
What keeps your audience up at night?

11:03 -The Yes or No Test

11:51 - What Platform Does Your Audience Like to Consume Content?
Deciding Which Platform to Provide to Deliver Content

12:47 - Is Your Lead Magnet Aligned With Your Profit Path?

13:08 - Winning Lead Magnet Examples
Examples of Winning Lead Magnets
What a Winning Lead Magnet Looks Like

15:33 - Three Pages You Need To Start Collecting Leads Right Away

16:11 - Lead Magnet Welcome Email

Day Two - Session Five

Copywriting and Conversion With Tom McCann
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Day Two - Session Six

How to Master Facebook Ads with Rudy Mawer, MS
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07:53 - Why You Should Listen to Me About Facebook Ads
Background Info

09:09 - Basic Marketing Funnel

Day Two - Session Seven

Money Machine Step #5
Super Affiliate Attraction Secrets
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00:15 - Pro's of Affiliate Marketing

05:40 - The Con's of Affiliate Marketing

10:28 - The Final Verdict

11:38 - Super Affiliate Recruitment

13:36 - The Process

15:03 - Keep Paying to Play
Connecting with those who can accelerate your success

16:01 - How To Build New Relationships

18:00 - The Sure Fire Way To Connect

19:00 - What's In It For Them?

21:32 - The Rolling Affiliate Launch

23:55 - How To Make An Irresistible Offer To Your First Affiliate

28:47 - How To Get an Affiliate to Re-Promote

29:36 - How To Make An Irresistible Offer
- Knowing when to move on
- Having the right demeanor
- How to position yourself

33:44 - Building your own "syndicate"
What is a syndicate

36:24 - The Baconators
Your syndicates are your close business friends who you network with and support one another.

38:24 - Your Affiliate Wish List
What is your action plan to get on that person's radar?

Day Three - Session One

Money Machine Step #5
Step by Step Social Media Blueprint
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Day Three - Session Two

Building Your Business With YouTube
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Day Three -Session Three

Money Machine Step #6
High Level Email Marketing
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Day Three - Session Four

Funnel Diagrams with Kory Basaraba
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Day Three - Session Five

Outsourcing - Growing a Winning Team with Rudy Mawer, MS
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